Choice Way

Wet Cleaned Shirts


     The Choice Way shirt cleaning and finishing, our special process.

At Choice 1 Cleaner, we have created higher scale of shirt finishing, we call it the Choice Way.

     As most cleaners we do the basic laundry with special detergents and machine finished shirts, and all are inspected and touched up for any imperfections, but we have taken the shirts finishing one step above the shirt laundry category.


     We have added the wet clean shirt process your shirts are washed with special high-end conditioners and detergents at a very slow and gentle cycle, it may take longer to wash but the results are phenomenal.

From start to finish Your shirts receive the utmost care.  Our staff is trained to take every imaginable step to ensure that your shirts come back to you looking like new.

  • Your collar stays are removed before cleaning and replaced afterwards.

  • We use only the best wet clean detergents and conditioners on the market, utilizing multiple enzymes to get out tough stains, while leaving the whites and colors incredibly bright.

  • Each shirt is hand pressed on state of the art pressing machines, and each and every shirt gets inspected for any imperfections.

  • NO MORE BROKEN BUTTONS! Our inspectors are trained to inspect every single button, broken buttons are replaced for free.

  • Plastic collar supports are inserted into each and every collar to ensure that the collars don’t get crushed.


     We’re so confident that you’ll love your Choice Way wet cleaned shirts from Choice 1 Cleaner, that we’ll guarantee them.  If you’re unhappy with a shirt we’ve cleaned for any reason, let us know and you’ll get your money back.  What other cleaner can stand behind their service like that.