Your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. Why not preserve your gown for generations to come?


Choice 1 Cleaners takes tremendous pride and care in cleaning and preserving bridal gowns, we have been gently hand-cleaning and air-drying gowns for over 14 years. Our dedication to excellence and extensive experience makes our gown cleaning and preservation flawless. From vintage to ultra-contemporary Choice 1 Cleaners has incorporated a unique process where every step is recorded and photographed throughout the cleaning process. You will no doubt enjoy this unique service.

If you are taking the time to read this page then you are probably interested in preserving one of the most precious possessions, your gown. With years of experience combined with today’s technology our commitment to excellence is unparalleled in the industry. All our work is done on-premise by a staff of accomplished and proficient garment care specialists. All gowns are hand cleaned, air-dried and hand ironed. The veil and headpiece are hand spotted and cleaned if needed. We at Choice 1 Cleaners combine several methods to clean bridal gowns, this process cleans even the oldest and strongest stains.


Your distinct wedding gown is first inspected for stains, loose beads, and open seams.  All repairs are tended to before the cleaning process. Gowns then are inspected, and difficult stains are tested, and treated, after complete and vigorous inspection. The gown is dry cleaned.


2-Dry cleaning

Our dry cleaning solvents and the machine are same as other cleaners but our process is not. First we submerge the gowns not tumble it, when we deem the garment is fully submerged And has soaked in all the solvent For at least 10 minutes we then tumble the gown at very gentle and slow 




movements, at all time we have trained personnel watching over it. This process takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.

Many stains such as hem soiling, yellow spillage, and general food stains often not removable by dry cleaning. It is only then that we consider wet cleaning.


3-Wet cleaning
Wet cleaning is a water-based method of restoration. The gown is bathed by hand with a neutral soap designed specifically for fragile fabrics. The above-mentioned stains usually respond well to this method. we may repeat these steps as necessary, If the stains are very stubborn, we turn to soaking process.



When there is limited success with difficult stains, soaking is a last resort. We try to avoid 

this method, there are processing concerns that must be addressed when considering this method. Shrinkage, hard wrinkles, change of texture and loss of body sometimes occur when fabric is soaked in high temperature water. The occurrences of these problems are minimized due to our considerable skills and the equipment available to us. Prior to any strong cleaning procedure, we will keep you informed.


5-Restyling & Alterations

Whether it is a new bustle, added lace, new beading, minor alterations or restyling to fit the next bride in the family or friend, we can do it all. Our experienced tailors in wedding gown restoration can restyle, and refit to your needs.


We highly recommend you inspect your gown before preserving. You will receive a phone call from our customer service department when your gown is ready for inspection. If you are unable to come in we will be happy to take pictures and a video for you to inspect at home. We will attend to any of your concerns, and we will than proceed with preservation, and call you when your gown is ready. If you live in our delivery area, we will deliver it to you at no charge.


7-Preservation & Boxing
Your gown is then hand folded into a preservation box and surrounded with acid-free tissue.
A picture is taken, and information is attached for care through the years. The preservation box is not sealed. You may open it, remove and replace your gown at any time. We suggest that your hands be clean and free of oils.


8-Maintenance of the gown

Normal maintenance on a preserved gown includes opening your box once a year, checking to see if any new stains appear and every 2 years, you must get the box re-tissue. This service is provided for an additional $35.00.


9-Storing of the gown

Properly storing your heirloom packaged gown is a vital step to the preservation process.  Store your package in a cool, dry dark environment.   Some suggestions are under a bed or in a closet on a level floor. Moisture may be detected in most attics and basements, therefore, never store in these locations.


We hope that you will call with any questions or concerns that may arise.



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