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Cleaning & Preservation 

Wedding Gowns

Expiration February 28, 2021 

   $125      $175      $200      $275     $350      $425

  1. Our price for cleaning and preserving wedding gowns range between $125 to $425. Examples of gowns are above to give you approximate cost. 

  2. Upon your request for us to clean and preserve your bridal gown we will send you a shipping box for you to package your gown and ship it back to us. Details on how to box your gown be included inside. (All shipping charges are free to our customers).

  3. Once your gown is received, we will inspect and verify. A representative will call you to address any of your questions and concerns.

  4. All the steps of the cleaning process will be documented, video recorded, and pictures will be taken. You may receive emails, calls or text messages to keep you informed on some of the concerns we may have.

  5. once the cleaning is finished and all needed repairs are done we will notify you, and send you pictures for you to inspect and give us the permission to preserve and box your wedding gown.

  6. your box will arrive with in two week of your approval of the cleaning.

For questions and concerns please call 805-581-2500 or email us at